Our Company


We are active in the field of energy and renewable energy resources for the past 5+ years. We undertake projects of various kinds, with a specialization on Off-Grid and Hybrid solar systems. Our services include the whole process, from research/study and design, to installation, supply of the necessary materials and after-sales maintenance.

Our past projects include autonomous turbines, industrial roofs and solar parks’ maintenance. We install EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) systems, Interconnected Batteries and so on. Feel free to contact us and find out more, we even offer free advice on the government sponsorship plans!

We always use cutting-edge technological products and we cooperate with companies that, like us, share a passion to deliver high quality: Schneider, Victron, Studer, Solarage, Fronius, and Huawei. We are committed to creating a better future for our island and the world!


Firstly, sunlight is converted into DC (Direct Current) power via the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The produced DC power can then either be stored in a battery or converted by a solar inverter device into AC (Alternating Current) which will then be used to energise home appliances. Depending on the type of the solar system, any excess solar energy produced can either be sent to the public electricity grid for credits or be stored in a battery storage system for later personal use.

It is the sunlight that produces electricity in photovoltaic cells, not heat. How much energy will be generated depends on a variety of factors, including the orientation and angle of the solar panels, efficiency of the installed solar panels, by also taking into account any losses due to shading, dirt or ambient temperature. Solar panels are able to produce energy even during cloudy days, but how much energy will be produced depends on the thickness and height of the clouds that determine how much sunlight is able to pass through.

There are three types of solar systems, categorised based on whether they are connected to an electrical grid or not: 1. On-Grid System, 2. Off-Grid System, 3. Hybrid System.